Committed to the Success of SMIs

  • Empowering Africa’s Engines of Growth by Leveraging Science, Technology, Innovation and Value Addition.
  • Slashing Red Tape: Decimating bureaucracy across Africa and member states, freeing SMIs to focus on what they do best – building businesses.
  • Single Market Supercharge: Upgrading the Single Market, unlocking its full potential and opening more doors for SMIs to trade and thrive across Africa through guided trade Initiative of AFCFTA.
  • Financing Fuel: Making public and private funding accessible for SMIs, fueling their growth and innovation.
  • Agile Workforces: Embracing flexible labor markets that empower both businesses and workers, fostering adaptability and growth.
  • Bridging the Skills Gap: Investing in education and training across AU member states, prioritizing critical thinking and practical skills.
  • Innovation Ignition: Boosting R&D and innovation, with a focus on the Digital Agenda for SMIs, propelling them into the future of the African economy.
  • Sustainable Power Surge: Guaranteeing access to affordable and sustainable energy, powering SMI success without compromising the environment.
  • Green Guardian: Protecting the environment without punishing businesses, finding practical solutions for a sustainable future that benefits everyone