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At PAOSMI, We Believe In Structured African Industrialization, Unifying And Amplifying the Voice Of Small And Medium Industries

Who We Are

Our Corporate Identity

PAOSMI is a Pan African organization dedicated to the development and promotion of the small and medium industries (SMIs) across Africa- Powered by Value Addition, Innovation and Sustainability of SMIs.  As confederation, it represents the interests of voluntarily associated over fifty national and regional networks with thousands of individual Industrial Business across fifteen industrial sectors in the Continent with the aim to give SMIs a Voice to Fuel the Continent’s Rise. PAOSMI supports the development of a competitive and sustainable SMIs by leveraging knowledge-driven Innovative Ecosystem of Science, Technology, Innovation (STI) leading to business and market transformation as we bring together the government, Industry and Academia with the community to collaboratively drive African Industrialization agenda through Small and Medium Industries (SMIs).

We believe in structured industrialization in the spirit of Pan Africanism. PAOSMI’s objectives are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union’s (AU) Agenda 2063 and AFCFTA one Market Agenda. PAOSMI seeks to up-skill and strategize the African SMIs to be competitive with the Innovative tools, Policy Advocacy, Network linkages, Information Dissemination, Capacity Building, Trade Mission, exhibitions and conferences, as well as to see full domestication and implementation of the African Union SME Policies and Strategies for Small and Medium Industries (SMEs) in the content.

PAOSMI is registered in Rwanda as a Company limited by Guarantee and is certified by the Rwanda Development Board to operate legally and establish its headquarters in Rwanda with a registration number 122075267.


PAOSMI envisions a continent where Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) are a major driver of economic integration, Inclusive growth, and Sustainable Industrial development powered by Value addition, Innovation and Sustainability of SMIs in Africa.


To facilitate, promote and catalyze the development and growth of small and medium industries (SMIs) with Startups in Africa through advocacy, networking, capacity building, and access to Raw material and finance necessary to succeed in the marketplace in the Context of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) while acting as voice for collective interest and defense.



  • Value Addition
  • Integrity
  • Engagement
  • Accountability
  • Resilience


Objectives – The major objectives are anchored on:


  • To Create a sustainable Pan-African organization for Micro, Small and Medium Industries (MSMIs) as well as their database through Mapping and profiling with identification of capacity, financial and technology gaps for development and growth.
  • To Provide training and capacity building and Industrial enterprise and cluster development and Value Addition to raw material and supporting national quality infrastructure (NQI) to enhance the sustainability, competitiveness, and growth of SMIs and Startups in Africa and help SMIs Adopt Climate-Resilient Practices.


  • To facilitate Market Access and trade – upgrading the Single Market, unlocking its full potential and opening more doors for SMIs to trade and thrive across Africa and globally through guided trade Initiative of AFCFTA and encourage joint export initiatives with up-to-date market information and technical assistance on export processes and procedures.


  • To Provide linkages and Access to Finance with Blended Finance Tools Guarantees and facilitate and promote investment and matchmaking events between SMIs and potential investors and partners.
  • To Promote industrialization agenda by leveraging Science, Technology and Innovation to improve on traditional Industrial processes and technical support with utilization R&D as well as to drive domestication and implementation of the African Union SME Policies and Strategies for Small and Medium Industries (SMEs).


  • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops and trade missions with the SMIs Community of Practice (COP) for sharing of information and experiences especially on best practices and on issues facing SMIs in Africa as well as a platform for continuous dialogue and to publish books, magazines, hand bills, leaflets, newsletters, articles on MSMIs.


Our Priorities for SMIs:

  • Empowering Africa’s Engines of Growth by Leveraging Science, Technology, Innovation and Value Addition.
  • Slashing Red Tape: Decimating bureaucracy across Africa and member states, freeing SMIs to focus on what they do best – building businesses.
  • Single Market Supercharge: Upgrading the Single Market, unlocking its full potential and opening more doors for SMIs to trade and thrive across Africa through guided trade Initiative of AFCFTA .
  • Financing Fuel: Making public and private funding accessible for SMIs, fueling their growth and innovation.
  • Agile Workforces: Embracing flexible labor markets that empower both businesses and workers, fostering adaptability and growth.
  • Bridging the Skills Gap: Investing in education and training across AU member states, prioritizing critical thinking and practical skills.
  • Innovation Ignition: Boosting R&D and innovation, with a focus on the Digital Agenda for SMIs, propelling them into the future of the African economy.
  • Sustainable Power Surge: Guaranteeing access to affordable and sustainable energy, powering SMI success without compromising the environment.
  • Green Guardian: Protecting the environment without punishing businesses, finding practical solutions for a sustainable future that benefits everyone